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Advent Youth (those currently in grade 9 up to graduating seniors) will be travelling to Marvell, Arkansas, July 20-28, 2019. Please review this PowerPoint Presentation. Then please fill out and return the 2019
Intent to Participate form along with your $50 deposit.

So everyone feels welcome and so we know who you are, please register every child in your household ages 0-12th grade here.

Youth in Grades 5 – 7:

  • Grades 5 & 6 meet on Sunday mornings Bible Black Belts (BBB). This ministry gives the children a healthy balance of fun and content that not only teaches them God’s Big Story, but that they are part of the Story!
  • Youth in Grade 7 are Bible Ninjas! Having completed BBB, it’s time to put it into practice and be a servant leader in the Way of Jesus!

Youth Night runs most Sundays from 4-6pm from September-May (see calendar).

  • Youth in Grade will meet for Confirmation I where we really dig into the stories and characters of the Old and New Testament and find out just how these writings are relevant today! Youth will work out their sense of what faith is.
  • Youth in Grade 9 will meet for Confirmation II, where, through an exploration of United Methodism and Spiritual practices, we can prepare our young people for a lifetime of learning and service. Youth will work out what their faith means to them!
  • Senior High youth in Grades 10-12 will meet for Praxis to go deep into their own theology and explore how that is embodied in themselves and put into action. Youth will work out what their faith means for their community!

CYF Info Card 

2019-2020 Confirmation Calendar

Confirmation Registration Form

Confirmation Requirements

Confirmation Service Hours Form

Confirmation Continuing Ed Form

For more info on any of the above programs, contact Pastor Cindy Yanchury,
Minister of Faith Formation, 651.454.3944 or email Advent.


Advent Youth

In late 2018, 29 people from Advent UMC (23 youth –ages 15-18 – and 6 adults) traveled to St. Louis to see and participate in what God is doing in those communities! Collectively, they were at 10 different sites throughout the week. Some of their activity had immediate impacts. One mother and her child were able to stop living in their car and move into an apartment set up by our youth. Backpacks for school children were packed. Lima beans in the thousands were organized! And some of their activities were part of much larger efforts. Walls in a future community music center were painted. Yards were weeded and raked. Children were played with. Clothes were sorted. All through it, our youth shown with a brilliance that would make Advent proud!

The youth are very well aware this experience would not have been possible without the generous and unwavering support this congregation gives this ministry. Thanks be to God!


On the2017 Mission Trip to Red Lake Nation, MN, some of our youth worked in an animal rescue center clearing more land and renovating existing kennels and painting a “cat house. ” Some played with their children at a kids club. Some worked with a member of the reservation (Keith), clearing land for a Native American Healing Center.


Our youth also help with Vacation Bible School. They are challenging us all to be involved, to share what we have with others.